Training Programs

Front and Back office

Traditionally, front office staff are the folks in contact with the consumers or clients, while the back office staff are the people behind-the-scenes working in administrative or support roles. Of course, in modern businesses it’s a whole lot more complicated than that, and there is often some crossover and confusion over what constitutes a front office and back office role. The back office is the portion of a company made up of administration and support personnel who are not client-facing. People who hold jobs in back office positions carry out functions such as settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting and IT services.

Training Process

developing national programmes with curricula that develop the appropriate skills, setting standards for training and qualifications, building institutions capable of delivering high quality courses, training of trainers and creating links with business and communities

Training Duration

Course Duration – 45 Days. Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on Business Intelligence by certified Trainers.

Training Cost

The indirect costs of training may include: participants' wages, including all on-costs (e.g. tax) the cost of temporarily replacing staff, or the cost of productivity loss while they are being trained. the cost of management time spent setting up the required training.

Services we offer

Data Entry

Precise and accurate data can provide a clear advantage to a company's decision making process and competitive response.

Data Conversion

we can help store, search and retrieve digital versions of any document - anytime, anywhere.

ePUB Services

eBook Conversion service offers complete, front-to-back formatting and conversion services for ebooks of all types.

Data Processing

We judiciously use double entry data entry for error-free data input and use OCR and ICR for speed and efficiency.

Online Catalog Services

Our catalog conversion services are designed to attract customers immediately regardless the product or service category being sold.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is suggesting conclusions and allow organizations to make right decisions for their business.

Data Indexing

Data indexing enables the business to divert precious resources to more value creating tasks.

Property Management

Our property experts can take complete care of property maintenance and ensure continuing a relationship of trust.


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